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  • Michal Malewicz

    Michal Malewicz

    ⬜️ YouTube: https://youtube.com//MalewiczHype 🟥 We build the future at www.hype4.com

  • Bertrand Fan

    Bertrand Fan

    platform engineer at slack

  • Walker Payne

    Walker Payne

    Data Scientist @ Gluroo, helping make diabetes easier.

  • Nir Ben-Yair

    Nir Ben-Yair

    Frontend Team Lead @Gloat.

  • Raymond Camden

    Raymond Camden

    Raymond Camden is a Senior Developer Evangelist for Adobe. He works on the Document Services tools, JavaScript, and the Jamstack.

  • Luca Mezzalira

    Luca Mezzalira

    Principal Serverless Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS, O’Reilly Author, International Speaker

  • Alessandro Pignotti

    Alessandro Pignotti

  • Nick Tune

    Nick Tune

    Principal Consultant @ Empathy Software

  • Rany ElHousieny

    Rany ElHousieny

    https://www.linkedin.com/in/ranyelhousieny Commercial software development manager offering 25+ years of technical experience. Certified Solutions Architect

  • Fernando Doglio

    Fernando Doglio

    I write about technology, freelancing and more. Check out my FREE newletter if you’re into Software Development: https://fernandodoglio.substack.com/

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